‘हार्दिक के व्यापार से जसप्रीत बुमराह निराश हो सकते हैं: कृष्ण स्रीकंठ ने जसप्रीत बुमराह के रहस्यमय पोस्ट को समझा’ | क्रिकेट समाचार


जसप्रीत बुमराह के रहस्यमय पोस्ट को समझने के लिए कृष्‍ण स्रीकंठ ने कहा, \’हार्दिक के व्यापार से वह चोट लग सकता है\’। यह एसईओ योग्य, अद्वितीय और समझने में आसान हिंदी भाषा में एक मानवीय संपर्क वाला मेटा विवरण है।

Jasprit Bumrah’s recent Instagram story has caused quite a stir on social media. Former 1983 World Cup winner Kris Srikkanth has decoded the post, suggesting that the Mumbai Indians pacer might not be happy with Hardik Pandya’s trade.

After spending a couple of years with the Gujarat Titans, Hardik Pandya has returned to Mumbai. Srikkanth believes that Bumrah may have harbored captaincy aspirations and would have been hurt by this move.

Speaking on his official YouTube channel, Srikkanth praised Bumrah, calling him the best bowler in the world currently. He also mentioned Bumrah’s impressive World Cup performance and his stint as the stand-in captain against England in the fifth Test last year.

Srikkanth drew a parallel with a similar situation involving Ravindra Jadeja and the Chennai Super Kings a couple of seasons back. He believes that the Mumbai Indians team management will have a sit-down with Bumrah, Pandya, and Rohit Sharma to sort things out, just like the CSK management did with Jadeja and MS Dhoni.

While Srikkanth backed Bumrah as a possible candidate to lead the five-time champions, he acknowledged that something had happened internally and it was not a miscommunication. He empathized with Bumrah, stating that he would also be hurt if he were in a similar situation. Srikkanth concluded by suggesting that Bumrah might have been looking to lead MI, especially with the T20 World Cup coming up next year.

It remains to be seen how the Mumbai Indians team management handles this situation and whether they can resolve any potential conflicts between Bumrah and Pandya. Championships can only be won as a team, and it is crucial for the team to maintain a harmonious environment.

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