“विश्व कप फाइनल हार के बाद रोहित और विराट रो रहे थे,” आश्विन ने याद की भारतीय ड्रेसिंग रूम में माहौल | क्रिकेट समाचार


“विश्व कप फाइनल के हार के बाद, रोहित और विराट रो रहे थे, ऐश्विन ने याद की भारतीय ड्रेसिंग रूम में माहौल | क्रिकेट समाचार”

Veteran spinner Ravichandran Ashwin recently opened up about the atmosphere in the Indian dressing room after the Men in Blue’s defeat to Australia in the ICC Cricket World Cup final. He also praised the leadership qualities of captain Rohit Sharma during the tournament.

The loss to Australia in the World Cup final was yet another heartbreak for Indian supporters, as the Men in Blue have not won an ICC trophy since 2013. Australia, on the other hand, secured their sixth World Cup title, setting a new record.

During an interview with former Indian cricketer Subramaniam Badrinath on his YouTube channel, Ashwin revealed that both Rohit Sharma and Virat Kohli were in tears after the match. He described these two players as “natural leaders” who brought a positive energy to the team.

Ashwin commended Rohit Sharma’s leadership, highlighting his ability to take charge from the first ball and his deep understanding of each team member. He mentioned that Rohit puts in a lot of effort, even sacrificing sleep to participate in team meetings. According to Ashwin, Rohit’s dedication and ability to “walk the talk” on the field instilled confidence in the entire team.

In conclusion, Ashwin praised Rohit Sharma for his exceptional leadership skills and his contribution to the team’s performance in the World Cup. Despite the loss, Ashwin believes that the Indian team had a great tournament, thanks to the guidance and support of Rohit and Virat Kohli.

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