रोहित शर्मा और विराट कोहली के लिए T20 विश्व कप 2024 में पश्चिम इंडीज के लीजेंड ब्रायन लारा की समर्थन


टी20 विश्व कप 2024 के लिए रोहित शर्मा और विराट कोहली से जुड़ी एसईओ फ्रेंडली और अद्वितीय मेटा विवरण लिखें। पश्चिम इंडीज के महान खिलाड़ी ब्रायन लारा ने भारतीय दोनों का समर्थन किया है। इस वर्ष के विश्व कप में रोहित और विराट की खेल की दमदार जोड़ी देखने के लिए तत्पर रहें। यह एक अद्वितीय और रोमांचक युगल है जो भारत को विश्व कप जीतने की दिशा में आगे बढ़ा सकता है। इस विश्व कप में रोहित और विराट की जोड़ी के आगे कोई टीम टिक नहीं सकेगी। इसलिए, इस युगल को देखने के लिए तत्पर रहें और उन्हें अपना समर्थन दें।

Indian cricket stars Rohit Sharma and Virat Kohli’s future in T20I cricket is uncertain, according to reports. The duo, who recently participated in the ODI World Cup 2023, have not played the T20 format for over a year. They were last seen in a 20-over game during the T20 World Cup 2022 and were subsequently rested from the format along with KL Rahul.

Speculation about Rohit and Kohli’s exclusion from T20Is began after the completion of the ODI World Cup. It was reported that Rohit had informed the selectors about his willingness to not be considered for T20Is even before the 50-over tournament. However, there has been no official confirmation regarding this matter.

West Indies legend Brian Lara has come out in support of Rohit and Kohli, backing them for the upcoming T20 World Cup in the West Indies and USA. Lara emphasized the importance of their experience and stated that their presence would be invaluable for the Indian team in the 20-over tournament next year.

Former Indian cricketer Ashish Nehra believes that age should not be a criterion for selection in T20Is. He highlighted the need for consistent performance and mentioned that if Rohit and Kohli want to play and continue scoring runs, the younger players will have to compete with them for a place in the playing XI.

In conclusion, the future of Rohit Sharma and Virat Kohli in T20I cricket remains uncertain. While reports suggest that they may not be part of the T20 format, their experience and performance could still earn them a spot in the Indian team for the upcoming T20 World Cup. Only time will tell what decision they make regarding their T20I careers.

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