रवींद्रन अश्विन के लिए, यह गेंदबाज मोहम्मद शमी हैं जूनियर | क्रिकेट समाचार


रवीचंद्रन अश्विन, यह गेंदबाज मोहम्मद शमी का जूनियर हैं। जानिए क्रिकेट समाचार में उनके बारे में और देखें कैसे वे अपने खेल के जरिए चर्चा में हैं।

Experienced Indian spinner Ravichandran Ashwin recently praised Indian fast bowler Mukesh Kumar, comparing him to the renowned Mohammed Shami. In a discussion on Ashwin’s official YouTube channel, he revealed that he initially expected Mohammed Siraj to be the junior counterpart to Shami. However, Ashwin’s perspective changed when he observed Mukesh Kumar’s skills, leading him to believe that the 30-year-old could emerge as a prominent bowler in the 2023 ODI World Cup.

Ashwin highlighted the similarities in build, height, and wrist position between Mukesh and Shami. He also commended Mukesh for his remarkable wrist action and impressive backspin on the ball. Ashwin referred to Shami as “Lalettan” as a tribute to the actor Mohanlal, and he believes that Mukesh has the potential to become the junior Shami.

Ashwin also reminisced about the moment when Waqar Younis transformed Mukesh’s career after observing just two of his deliveries. Mukesh made his international cricket debut on July 20 this year and has played 10 matches for India, securing nine wickets. He has earned a spot in the five-match T20I series against Australia, where he showcased his skills by conceding only 29 runs in the first match.

Ashwin’s praise for Mukesh Kumar highlights the potential and talent of the emerging bowler. With his similar attributes to Shami and impressive performances, Mukesh has the opportunity to make a significant impact in Indian cricket.

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