भारत अगले साल श्रीलंका की ओर जा रहा है, छह मैचों की व्हाइट-बॉल सीरीज के लिए | क्रिकेट समाचार


भारत से श्रीलंका की यात्रा करने वाले खिलाड़ियों के लिए एक अद्वितीय और एसईओ फ्रेंडली मेटा विवरण: आगामी साल छ मैचों की सफेद-गेंद सीरीज के लिए भारत से श्रीलंका की यात्रा करने का इंतजार करें | क्रिकेट समाचार

The Indian cricket team has announced its annual tour of the Sri Lankan islands in the middle of 2024 for a six-match white-ball series. Despite the crisis-ridden state of Sri Lanka Cricket, the national teams of both countries will fulfill their bilateral obligations.

According to the 2024 calendar issued by the Sri Lanka Cricket board, India will visit for three ODI and T20I matches each in July and August. This period coincides with India’s cricket season, making it a busy season for the Indian team. In total, the Indian men’s national team is scheduled to play 52 international matches in 2024, including 10 Tests, 21 ODIs, and 21 T20Is.

India will also face tough away tours during this time. The three-match away series in England, which is part of the ongoing World Test Championship, will be one of the main assignments for the Indian team. Additionally, the two-Test series against South Africa in November will pose another difficult task.

Despite the challenges faced by Sri Lanka Cricket, the upcoming series between India and Sri Lanka is a cause for celebration for the Sri Lanka Cricket board and its host broadcaster. It provides an opportunity for both teams to showcase their skills and continue their cricketing commitments.

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