बीटीएस आर्मी से लेकर फोर्टनाइट और भारतीय क्रिकेट टीम तक, मेटा सर्वेक्षण में पता चला कि 90% जेन जेड एक खास फैंडम के हिस्सेदार हैं – ब्रांड वैगन न्यूज़


एक मेटा सर्वेक्षण के अनुसार, BTS आर्मी से लेकर फोर्टनाइट और भारतीय क्रिकेट टीम तक, 90% जेन जेड किसी विशेष फैंडम के हिस्सेदार हैं। यह खबर ब्रांड वैगन न्यूज़ पर प्रकाशित हुई है।

In a recent survey conducted by trend forecasting firm WGSN and Instagram across the United States, UK, Brazil, India, and South Korea, insights were gathered to understand the expectations and preferences of Generation Z (Gen Z) for the upcoming year. The focus of the report was on the Gen Z population in India, with findings indicating distinctive trends and attitudes.

Gen Z in India has shown a notable interest in embracing emerging trends, especially in food, beauty, and fashion. From the exploration of ayurvedic ingredients to the eagerness to try diverse food options, this generation in India seems keen on incorporating new elements into their lifestyles.

“The Instagram Trend Talk previews the trends expected to surface on Instagram in 2024, driven by Gen Z’s active pursuit. Indian Gen Z’s upbeat and entrepreneurial spirit stands out as they eagerly explore new interests and trends across different domains. Their dedication to chosen fandoms and commitment to self-improvement shine through distinctly in these insights. And, while in many aspects Indian Gen Z’s are similar to their global peers, these trends also show specific areas where they are different and unique,” Paras Sharma, director of content and community partnerships, Meta, India, said.

Contrary to trends in other nations, Gen Z in India has placed a stronger emphasis on career pursuits in 2024. The top priorities for this demographic include staying healthy, exploring career paths, and travelling. Notably, 43% express the hope that 2024 will be a self-improvement era, marked by personal growth and development. Additionally, there is a prevailing belief among Gen Z in India that starting one’s own business is the most viable path to wealth.

The survey also dives into social media dynamics, revealing that meme preferences play a crucial role in connecting on platforms like Instagram. In India, nearly a third of Gen Z respondents consider ‘bad taste in memes’ as a significant turn-off.

Fashion trends among Indian Gen Z stand out, with a particular interest in creatively showcasing styles, including trends like GRWM (Get Ready With Me) and thrifting. DIY approaches featuring traditional attire such as ‘sarees’ and accessories like ‘jhumkas’ are gaining popularity, with 44% expressing an interest in do-it-yourself fashion.

Furthermore, a notable finding is that a majority of Gen Z in India identify with specific fandoms, ranging from music and gaming to sports. This underscores the cultural influence and diverse affiliations within this demographic.

Finally, the desire for relatable content emerges as a common theme, with Indian Gen Z expressing a preference for life advice, ‘day-in-the-life-of’ content, and professional insights from celebrities, athletes, and creators in 2024.

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