अवश्य ही एक भारतीय के भविष्य के सितारे में से एक: आशीष नेहरा ने समर्थन किया संघर्ष कर रहे भारतीय पेसर को


अवश्य ही एक भारत के भविष्य के सितारे में से एक: आशीष नेहरा ने संघर्ष कर रहे भारतीय पेसर का समर्थन किया। यह खबर क्रिकेट के बारे में है और यह आपको यह बताती है कि आशीष नेहरा ने भारतीय पेसर का समर्थन क्यों किया है।

Former Indian fast bowler Ashish Nehra has expressed his support for Prasidh Krishna, who has been struggling to find form in the ongoing T20I series against Australia. Despite conceding runs, Nehra believes that Prasidh has the talent and potential to bounce back and rediscover his form in the future. Nehra emphasized the importance of senior players and mentors in guiding and supporting young talents like Prasidh during challenging phases.

Nehra also praised Ruturaj Gaikwad for his outstanding performance in the 3rd T20I against Australia. He believes that Gaikwad could be a long-term opening option for the Indian team due to his solidity and clean cricketing shots. Nehra commended Gaikwad’s elegance and versatility in playing all three formats of the game.

It is crucial for young players like Prasidh and Gaikwad to receive support and guidance from experienced players like Nehra to overcome challenges and reach their full potential. With the right mentorship and determination, these promising talents can make significant contributions to the Indian team in the future.

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